10 million could avoid antibiotics with award-winning ActiGel

Prestigious award for Bacterial Vaginosis treatment Multi-Gyn ActiGel

Ten million women could avoid using antibiotics thanks to Multi-Gyn ActiGel, which has just won a major pharmaceutical industry award.

MG ActiGel + box + ApplicatorMulti-Gyn ActiGel, which has been Highly Commended in the Product of the Year awards by Independent Community Pharmacist, is clinically proven to be as effective as antibiotics for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)1.

And since one third of women in the UK will suffer from BV2, that’s around 10 million women3 who could benefit from treating the condition with ActiGel, rather than the standard use of antibiotics. This is good news that doctors can prescribe ActiGel (which is also available for women to buy in high street pharmacies and online) at a time when the focus in healthcare is on the prudent use of antibiotics.

It is ironic in any case that antibiotics can have unwanted side effects such as vulvo-vaginal candidiasis (VVC, more commonly known as thrush) – which means that a woman who has antibiotic treatment for BV often ends up with thrush as a result. And women who have BV often mistake it for thrush, which can have similar symptoms.

BV and VVC can lead to complications such as infections of the upper genital tract, miscarriage, premature birth and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if left untreated4.  However, antibiotic, antiseptic and pH correcting gels often upset the vaginal balance by inadvertently decreasing numbers of useful bacteria (lactobacilli).

This doesn’t happen with Multi-Gyn ActiGel because it has a purely physical mode of action which stops bacteria from causing harm, whereas antibiotics work by killing all bacteria in the vagina, even the types which are essential for maintaining balanced ecosystem and pH.

MG FloraPlus + boxBV is an overgrowth of harmful bacteria that attach to the vaginal walls where they can replicate and create a colony, which causes symptoms such as discharge, odour and inflammation. ActiGel is formulated with a high concentration of an extract of aloe vera called 2QR-complex, which mimics the shape of the docking sites where bacteria would attach, so they attach to 2QR instead and are then simply flushed out of the vaginal system naturally. The good bacteria are not affected because they do not need to attach to thrive in the vagina.

BV is the leading cause of discharge in women of childbearing age4,5 and twice as common as VVC6. In some cultural groups it is even more prevalent, for instance the figure goes up to 50% in the African American community7.

There is also an increasing problem with resistance to treatments for Thrush such as clotrimazole8.  In this case, Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is an effective remedy – which has no risk of resistance. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus contains 2QR and prebiotics. The combination quickly rebalances the vaginal ecosystem by getting rid of bad bacteria and increasing good bacteria, creating conditions in which Thrush cannot thrive.

 Multi-Gyn ActiGel is available on prescription. It and FloraPlus are available to buy over the counter in leading pharmacies, as well as on sale online at Amazon and shop.purpleorchidpharma.com


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ActiGel and FloraPlus are part of a family of Multi-Gyn vaginal health and hygiene products containing 2QR-complex. This includes:

IntiSkin spray, which is a light mist containing 2QR which can be sprayed at any angle and is therefore useful to relieve symptoms such as itch, inflammation and odour whenever they occur on the external tissue, especially for women who remove their pubic hair and/or use panty liners regularly.

Multi-Gyn Compresses, which give intense and soothing first aid to genital tissue damage, are ideal post-childbirth and for anal fissures or haemhorroids.

Multi-Gyn IntiFresh are flushable, biodgradeable intimate wipes and Multi-Gyn FemiWash is a mild, soap-free vaginal wash.

The bioactive compound 2QR has a range of other uses such as in award-winning products. Multi-Mam Compresses is a unique product to treat, soothe and help to heal sore and cracked nipples for breastfeeding mums -it was shortlisted for the Prima Baby Awards in summer 2015. Multi-Oral Spray treats and prevents dry mouth (a side effect of more than 500 medications and conditions) as well as bad breath, gum disease and other oral problems. It was awarded Best Oral Care Product by Natural Healthcare in the Community, at the Pharmacy Show at the NEC, Birmingham, in October.

Independent Community Pharmacist Product of the Year awards are presented as a result of votes from the UK’s 6,600 independent pharmacists.