The lifestyle of men as well as their age and different environmental factors can affect the quality of the sperm and therefore the possibilities of achieving pregnancy. The quality of the sperm plays a key role in the conception process. Therefore, improvement in the quality of the sperm is very important for couples trying to conceive.

Androferti is clinically proven to improve male fertility. It contains an exclusive and balanced formula of carnitine, coenzyme Q10, vitamins and minerals. The selenium contributes to the production of sperm, while the zinc contributes to the normalisation of male fertility and the reproduction and it also has antioxidant action.

The sperm needs 74 days to mature and more than 20 additional days to be fertile. Because of this, it is recommended taking Androferti for six months, two sachets per day, although results can be seen from three months.

Androferti can be bought without prescription.

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