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Lesley, 47

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

This is an inspirational quote that I look at every day as I have it sitting on my desk.

In February 2015, I am sitting in my doctor’s surgery in floods of tears, I am exhausted, emotionally and physically drained. I cannot understand why I am feeling this way as I am not ill.

I am a 47-year-old Police Officer with 27 years’ service within the Ministry of Defence Police and have always been physically active with a strong positive outlook.

Yet for six months I have known something isn’t right.

Instead of waking up refreshed, I am physically exhausted due to getting up at least five times per night to change my PJs and bed as I am drenched in sweat. At work, I become emotional, crying at the slightest thing, mood swings are an everyday occurrence, I have started having cognitive lapses and instead of going home for a run or to walk my dogs I am sleeping on the couch. Even my periods are going crazy, despite being on the pill and having the Mirena coil inserted, I am bleeding for over half of the month. My husband thinks I have turned into a different person, I think I am going mad!

So here I am, sitting with my GP, feeling ridiculous crying over everything, telling her my woes and symptoms when she gently says: “Lesley, you are peri-menopausal.” I look at her and cry: “I’m too young to be menopausal I’m only 46!” After a long consultation we decide that HRT is not the way for me, and although holistic remedies are raised, my GP cannot guarantee that they would work for me. So, prescription in hand for Clonidine (a drug that is more commonly used for high blood pressure which I don’t have, but is also recommended for hot flushes) I head out of the surgery thankful and relieved that I am not mad or ill, but also feeling very down that I am menopausal. I go home and cry for two days.

Lesley continues her story on the HealtheWomen website.

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