You Are Here:Will I be a mum one day?

EveryWoman, 28

I was diagnosed with endometriosis five years ago, I got married on 2014, tried to be pregnant for one year nothing not even once. On that time I knew that I had something wrong went to the doctor once he saw my ultrasound he said endometriosis because there was two large cysts appearing (5cm & 7cm) he advised me to do surgery to remove the cysts first I did it 2015 then for 8 months we were trying for pregnancy nothing came up so we tried the IVF it failed as well 🙁 We are planing to repeat again once we collect the money for it, back pain pelvic pain bad moods all these became my life pain killers every day my period is like die moments suffuring everyday 🙁 I am always asking my self will I be a mum one day? What if it did not happen what if endometriosis destroyed my ovaries?

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