A life with Interstitial Cystitis

Jan Eldekvist, 52, is a gynaecology nurse from Swindon, Wilts. She had her first daughter Lauren, 27, when she was 24. After that came her son Nils, who died when he was two days old, then Mia, then Nadia, 21, and Phoebe, 18. Lauren enjoys good health while Nadia has already had investigations which showed that her bladder lining is damaged and Phoebe hasn’t had a diagnosis but does suffer with pelvic pain and bad

Interstitial Cystitis – the pain that you can’t see

Mia Eldekvist, 24, is an online content administrator from Swindon, Wilts. Cutting fizzy drinks and alcohol was tough in the first year of a degree in print and textile design at Winchester School of Art. You’re meeting new people, they’re saying ‘go on, have one’ and they find it strange if you say no. But imagine a bladder covered in open sores. Now, pour alcohol on that. It’s going to hurt. But fizzy drinks and


Facts Majority of IC patients are women – staggering 90%. Most women will have at least one episode of cystitis, while 30% of women experience IC by the age of 24. Around 80% of all UTIs (urinary tract infections) are caused by a bacteria Escherichia coli. Cystitis is more likely to occur if you’re having sex often (the so called ‘honeymoon’ cystitis). Severe cases of cystitis can manifest by going to the bathroom up to