Routes to ParenthoodGetting pregnant doesn’t always happen as easily as we are led to believe – up to one in six couples encounters problems having a baby. After pregnancy, infertility is the most common reason for women aged 20–45 to see their GP.

In 40% of cases, it’s the woman who is affected, and in another 40% it’s down to the man. With the remaining 20% it is a joint problem.

Popular perception says that it’s mostly an issue for older women but 42% of those who received IVF were aged 18-34, according to figures from the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority, and 23% were aged 35-37.

Just four in ten of the treatments were funded by the NHS. Assessment is available after a year of regular unprotected sex (ie every two or three days) if the woman is under 36 and after six months if she is over that age.

But there are ways to improve the success rates. Surveys suggest that as many as 50% of couples who are trying for a baby lead a lifestyle which does not leave them in the best condition for conception to happen.

The chance of pregnancy can be improved by optimising nutritional support and subsequently sperm production. There are new, accurate and easy over-the-counter tests to assess fertility for both men and women to monitor progress, and to predict peak fertility periods.

Androferti is a unique, twice daily supplement with great orange flavour, clinically proven to improve sperm quality parameters – that is, concentration, motility, morphology and the capacity to fertilise the eggs. Unlike other supplements, Androferti’s benefits have been proven in peer-reviewed clinical studies based on on its unique formulation of L-carnitine with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals so it takes account of how they react with each other within the body, rather than making assumptions based on data for individual ingredients.

Babystart offers a variety of tests that can help you conceive, including ovulation microscope, FSH test, sperm counter, scrotum cooling patches, etc.

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