It's not just health-care, it's self-care.

Maintaining healthy habits on everyday basis means that our body is getting the best possible chance to become and stay healthy and strong. Balanced nutrition, adequate physical activity and avoiding common toxins such as nicotine and alcohol prepare your body for challenges it faces every day. Your immune system is supported by wholesome food and fresh air, which means you will fight infections and illness with more ease. When we feel good, we are more energetic, more productive and efficient. We fly through our obligations and still have energy at the end of the day to spend some nice time with our families.

Sometimes, though, healthy lifestyle on its own is not enough. At times, our bodies need additional support, whether it is re-establishing healthy flora in the organism, help in fighting the bacteria or just maintaining proper hygiene. Small changes in your everyday routines paired up with good quality products can bring a lot of difference in the way you feel.

With efficient prevention, there is no need for frequent medication or treatment. Give your body the best care available and nip any problems you have in the bud!

Be responsible for your own well-being.

Healthewomen - empowering women to take care of their own health

The World Health Organisation says: Health isn’t just the absence of disease. It is a complete state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

HealtheWomen is our platform born from Purple Orchid Pharma the women’s self-care company, helping you look after you from puberty through motherhood to menopause.