Vaginal Hygiene

Appropriate vaginal hygiene is essential in maintaining the intimate region healthy.

It is very important to emphasise, though, that inadequate hygiene can be worse than no hygiene at all. By using harsh, aggressive cleaning products the vagina’s pH value changes and becomes less acidic. This weakens natural defence mechanisms and allows the bacteria to proliferate causing bacterial vaginosis. More alkaline pH value also increases chances of developing a fungal infection. Normal bacterial flora and pH value can also be destroyed by using antibiotics often or for prolonged periods of time, not changing tampons regularly, retaining intrauterine and other contraceptive devices, as well as having an unhealthy diet.

It is very important that in addition to maintaining regular hygiene, you choose adequate cleaning products which are mild, such as Multi-Gyn FemiWash or IntiFresh. Avoid perfumed products which can irritate the intimate region. Choose comfortable underwear made of breathable natural materials and sleep without your underwear on whenever possible. If a vaginal douche is used for internal vaginal hygiene, make sure that its design ergo-dynamic, such as Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche and Tablets, and do not exceed the recommended frequency of use. After vaginal douching, use a product to restore the vaginal balance and pH. We recommend using Multi-Gyn ActiGel.


Multi-Gyn products - complete care for your vaginaMulti-Gyn has developed several natural products based on the Aloe vera extract which offer gentle cleansing and prevention of vaginal discomforts. Our products are free from perfumes and preservatives, do not contain hormones, and are safe for use at all ages, including during pregnancy.