Vaginal discomforts

Problems in the intimate region usually develop because of the inadequate hygiene or an imbalance of the healthy bacterial flora naturally present in the vagina. These problems occur more often than you would assume – three out of five women occasionally experience vaginal discomforts.
The most common issues are bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. The symptoms include itching, burning and increased discharge followed by an unpleasant smell. Often, these problems are not caused by full-blown infections, so it is not necessary to use prescribed antibiotics. In these cases, Multi-Gyn offers a natural effective solution by maintaining the natural pH of the vaginal flora.
Another common vaginal discomfort is vaginal pain. It can be caused by a vaginal infection, surgery or trauma, childbirth, endometriosis or allergies. Very often, pain occurs because of the excessive and inadequate hygiene. Repeated washing, scrubbing and harsh detergents can harm the protective barriers and cause irritation, sensitivity and pain. Choose mild cleaning products specifically designed for this purpose. In case the irritation has already developed, try Multi-Gyn IntiSkin. It provides relief from itching and burning.

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